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Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast | October 22, 2022


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This week, pay attention how you can fill in scratches on a wooden flooring, relevel a brick walkway, and extra. (Joanne Millum/Terri Dudley)

Hour 1

Pay attention to listen to how you can fill in scratches on a wooden flooring, relevel a brick walkway, and extra.

Repair for Scratched Flooring

scratches wood floor
Scratches on wooden flooring are an eyesore, however you’ll be able to reduce the glance of them. (Joanne Millum)

Joanne Millum has beautiful hardwood floors in her mid-century house. Sadly, when a repairman moved the refrigerator to test a filter out, it left gouges and scratches around the wooden grain.  

She desires to understand: “Is there any option to repair that? One aspect is worse than the opposite.”

The one option to utterly eliminate scratches is to refinish the ground.

However first, move to The House Depot and get some Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer. This product is sort of a cleaner/filler for wooden flooring. 

Blank your wooden flooring first, and use it on the broken house. This will likely lend a hand mix within the scratches to the remainder of the ground. 

Right here’s our advice for fighting long term scratches close to the refrigerator — Lower a skinny piece of paneling to the width of the fridge, and retailer it within the storage. Each time you want to take the refrigerator out, tip it and slide the paneling underneath it to stop any scratches. 

Releveling an Asymmetric Brick Walkway

unven brick walkway
Those unlevel bricks in this walkway are a tripping danger. (Terri Dudley)

Tree roots have shifted the bricks on Terri Dudley’s walkway, and it’s now turn out to be a tripping danger.

The tree has since been lower down, however the roots are nonetheless intact across the stump and underneath the walkway. 

“I’m a widow with a disabled daughter. Do you have got any ideas on how you can make it protected?” she asks.

In a scenario like this, it’s laborious to inform what can repair the issue till you get started eliminating the bricks — and sure, you’ll want to take away them.

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However watch out. Relying on how the bricks are put in, eliminating the bricks may just harm them until they’re loosely laid. 

Don’t contact the bricks which can be flat and clean. Take away all the ones which can be displaced, and use a reciprocating saw to chop the basis from the walkway.

Then, pack in some soil or overwhelmed rocks, and change the bricks. Fill in any voids with sand.

This won’t get it one hundred pc stage, however it’s going to get rid of the shuttle danger. 

Hour 2

Pay attention to learn to repair peeling paint, drill into tile, right kind gaps in bamboo flooring and extra. 

Repair for Peeling Paint in a Toilet

Peeling wall paint
Heat, wet air may cause paint to peel from partitions. (Taveesaksri, Getty Pictures)

The paint is peeling off the ceiling in Philip Costa’s rest room. He says the ceiling was once plastered with a swirled trend, and just a few spaces are peeling. 

“Do you have got any concepts on how you can repair this,” he asks.

First, you want to verify your exhaust fan is operating to take away all of the scorching, wet air in the toilet. 

The issue with exhaust fans is that they get grimy and turn out to be useless. Do this take a look at: take one sq. piece of bathroom paper, flip the fan on, then grasp it about an inch clear of the grill. It must connect itself in an instant to the fan, indicating the fan is drawing air up.

Make sure that the exhaust fan is vented all of the option to the out of doors. Make sure that the air is popping out out of doors. 

First, scrap all of the paint off and sand the ceiling. Subsequent, paint the entire ceiling with a bonding primer. Then, repaint it with two coats of acrylic latex paint. This binds it neatly. 

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This, coupled with ensuring the recent, wet air is vented out, must get rid of the peeling paint. 

Tip for Drilling into Tile

Drilling holes in tile through masking tape
When drilling via tile, follow protecting tape to stay the drill bit in position. (Getty Pictures)

Louis Sanchez simply remodeled her master bathroom, which integrated tiling across the 3 partitions of the bathroom alcove. The tile extends up about 36 inches and is trimmed alongside the highest edge with a natural-stone chair rail. 

Ahead of putting in the tile, the bathroom paper holder was once screwed to the drywall. 

“How would you recommend I connect the holder to the tile? I’m beautiful to hand, however I’m all in favour of cracking our brand-new tile process.”

Looking to drill via a ceramic tile encompass generally is a problem. The slick, glazed floor makes the masonry drill bit stroll all over the place the tile.

I’ve heard some ideas about the usage of a nail to faucet a slight indentation within the tile for a kick off point, however this will likely finally end up cracking your tile.

As a substitute, do this: Position an “X” comprised of protecting tape at the spot you wish to have to drill. Use a pencil to mark the positioning at the best of the tape. The paper floor of the tape will stay your drill bit in position, permitting you to drill the outlet the place you want it.

As soon as drilled, merely take away the tape, and also you’re in a position to put in the bathroom paper holder. I like to recommend the usage of a toggle bolt that is going during the tile into the hollow space within the wall. 

After all, when you’re fearful about ruining the brand new tile, you’ll be able to get rid of the hooked up bathroom paper holder and go for a free-standing one as a substitute.

Gaps in Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring
Bamboo floor can make bigger and contract like common hardwood. (gyro, Getty Pictures)

Cathy Cooly had bamboo hardwood floors put in in her eating in 2013. She’s since spotted a  hole that’s about 4 toes lengthy and about 1/8-inch large. 

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“What can I do to forestall it from gapping or what can I do to take away the space within the flooring?” she asks. 

A bamboo hardwood flooring is in most cases glued down, so you’ll be able to’t transfer the forums as you’ll be able to with laminate floating flooring.

You’ll attempt to fill within the hole with wooden putty, however believe that the space may well be led to by means of thermal enlargement.

Within the wintertime, wooden contracts, so that may be why the space is noticeable. If you happen to wait till summer season, the wooden would possibly make bigger and fill the space by itself. 

Fill it with one thing versatile, like caulk to house for the growth. 

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Easy Answers

Jack-o-lanterns on a home's front steps during the morning
Carving jack-o-lanterns gives a chance to turn your ingenious aspect. Give that pumpkin a character — however gentle it with no flame! (DepositPhotos)

Jack-O’-Lantern Pointers — After carving your Halloween pumpkin, dip it into an ice tub with one cup of bleach. Let it soak for a number of mins, then dry it off and rub petroleum jelly onto the perimeters of all of the cutouts.

This will likely lend a hand seal in moisture and make your jack-o’-lantern keep recent all the way through the vacation. 

Broan-NuTone range hood, seen close up in Today's Homeowner host Danny Lipford's home
Many fashionable vary hoods have LED lighting fixtures which can be flush with the skin, making them tough to take away for alternative or cleansing. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Bulb Elimination Tip — Many modern range hoods have LED lighting fixtures which can be flush with the skin, making them tough to take away for alternative or cleansing.

Plus, the bulbs aren’t threaded right into a socket, however as a substitute will have to be driven up into the housing and circled moderately to disengage it from two sticking out lugs.

So, right here’s how to take away flush bulbs: Take a duration of duct tape and pinch it within the center to create a T-shape with a tab that may function a take care of. Stick the tape to the bulb, push up and twist it counter-clockwise.

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