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Recipe: Perfect Bloody Severed Fingers ( hot dogs with ketchup ) halloween

Bloody Severed Fingers ( hot dogs with ketchup ) halloween. Ingredients: Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs Hot dog buns Ketchup Thinly sliced piece of onion or thin slice of white cheese as fingernail. Then place each "finger" into a hot dog bun loaded with ketchup – be sure to smear some ketchup on the bottom of each "severed finger" and more at the top of the. These bloody finger hot dogs for Halloween are so gross and yet so amazing, all at the same time!

Bloody Severed Fingers ( hot dogs with ketchup ) halloween

Soirée Halloween Holidays Halloween Halloween Treats Halloween Potluck Ideas Halloween Coctails Halloween Appetizers Halloween Desserts Halloween Party Decor Halloween Makeup. Hot Apple Cider with Shrunken Apple Skulls. Pretty much just normal hot dogs, all you have to do it make a few cuts in them before you cook them. You can have Bloody Severed Fingers ( hot dogs with ketchup ) halloween using 4 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

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Ingredients of Bloody Severed Fingers ( hot dogs with ketchup ) halloween

  1. Prepare 2 each of hot dogs ( preferablly frozen).
  2. You need 1/2 cup of ketchup / catsup.
  3. Prepare 1 of pairing knife.
  4. It’s 1 small of individual serving bowl.
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Use a sharp knife ( I love my Rachel Ray set) to cut But you can cook them however long you like. Take out of water and serve on hot dog buns that have been smeared with ketchup to look like blood. Source: Xd. might get reported for that ?. In a skillet, cook hot dogs until golden brown.

Bloody Severed Fingers ( hot dogs with ketchup ) halloween step by step

  1. place ketchup in the serving bowl..
  2. cut each hot dog in half.
  3. using your pairing knife and the uncut end.. cut out a small piece of the hotdog to resemble a fingernail. do this with all 4 pieces. reserve the piece u cut out..
  4. now about halfway down the hot dog piece cut very small curved thin strips out the hot dog.. this will be your knuckle.. the top one will look like a a frown the bottom one a smile and then two small small pieces cut out on the middle of those two.. see photo…
  5. place frozen dogs and the nails in microwave on a microwave safe plate and heat until fully cooked. the cuts in the knuckle with heat of microwave will make them start to curl. I do mine for about 1min and 15 seconds… but time may vary depending on wattage of microwave..
  6. let cool so u can handle them.. use pairing knife and spread a bit of ketchup onto where the nail is.. place your reserved nail on top and press into ketchup to hold. do this with all 4 pieces..
  7. now stand up the hot dogs into the ketchup leaning against side of bowl.. now u have bloody severed fingers for lunch! :).
  8. enjoy!.
  9. ( you can also do this with sausages, cocktail weinies.. etc…
  10. hint: I use the microwave method because it causes the hot dog to curl, the skin to peel and the knuckle cuts to spread open more creating a more grusome finger….
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Make these Halloween Hot Dog Fingers for a spooky and fun Halloween lunch! It's almost the big day Boil the hot dogs until they are cooked. Serve in buns with ketchup for a spooky and bloody effect! Keywords: Halloween, hot dog fingers, Halloween food. Bloody Finger Hot Dogs for Halloween.